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First Edition
Jauary 31, 2012
187 pages (eBook)
XXV, 169 pages (Paper Book)

Actors in Scala
Concurrent programming for the multi-core era

by Philipp Haller and Frank Sommers

Actors in Scala is the authoritative guide to programming with the actors framework of Scala's standard library, co-written by the creator and lead maintainer, Philipp Haller. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the actor model of concurrency and shows how Scala's actors enable you to build efficient, scalable, and robust concurrent software for the JVM.

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About the book

Recent trends in computer architecture make concurrency and parallelism an essential ingredient of efficient program execution. The actor model of concurrency allows you to express real-world concurrency in a natural way using concurrent processes that communicate via asynchronous messages.

Scala is a programming language for the Java virtual machine, providing excellent support for both object-oriented and functional programming. By including a powerful actor framework in its standard library, Scala offers a compelling approach to tackle concurrent programming. Scala's actors let you apply the actor concurrency model to the JVM, enabling real-world solutions that are efficient, scalable, and robust.

Published by Artima, this is the first book on Scala's actors, co-authored by the creator and lead maintainer, Philipp Haller, and Frank Sommers. Starting with the fundamentals of the actor concurrency model, this book offers a comprehensive tutorial on practical programming with actors in Scala. It enables you to leverage the full power of today's and tomorrow's multi-core processors by describing both basic and advanced features of Scala's actor framework in-depth.

Table of contents

Contents ix
List of Figures xii
List of Listings xiii
Foreword xvii
Acknowledgments xix
Introduction xxi
1. Concurrency Everywhere 3
2. Messages All the Way Up 15
3. Scala's Language Support for Actors 31
4. Actor Chat 45
5. Event-Based Programming 55
6. Exceptions, Actor Termination, and Shutdown 71
7. Customizing Actor Execution 85
8. Remote Actors 101
9. Distributed and Parallel Computing 107
10. Akka Actors 125
11. API Overview 145
Bibliography 159
About the Authors 161
Index 163

About the authors

Philipp Haller is a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University, USA, and at EPFL, Switzerland. He holds a Dipl.-Inform. degree from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from EPFL, Switzerland. As a member of the Scala team at EPFL he has been working on programming abstractions for concurrency, as well as type systems to check their safety. Philipp created Scala Actors, a library for efficient, high-level concurrent programming.

Frank Sommers is president of Autospaces, Inc., a company specializing in automotive finance software. After almost 15 years of working with Java, Frank started programming in Scala a few years ago, and became an instant fan of the language. Frank is an active writer in the area of information technology and computing. His main interests are parallel and distributed computing, data management, programming languages, cluster and cloud computing, open-source software, and online user communities.

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