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First Edition
March 25, 2011
228 pages (eBook)
XXIII,213 pages (Paper Book)

Agile Hiring
Transform how you hire software professionals

by Sean Landis

This book provides principles and techniques that will help you to hire the best software professionals.

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About the book

Hiring great software professionals is hard. Most companies need help, but few books exist on this specific topic. This book presents a fresh approach that is tested by fire: developed by the author in over twenty years of experience hiring software professionals at both small companies and large. Drawing on principles from the "agile" software development movement, this book offers a different way to think about hiring.

This book offers specific and practical techniques to help you hire better now. It also gives your hiring staff a model for continuously improving individual and organizational hiring skills. As you become more skilled in hiring, you will appreciate this book in new ways. Get your hiring team on the same page when it comes to hiring. This book is a must have reference for anyone involved in hiring software professionals.

Table of contents

Contents viii
Acknowledgments xi
Introduction xiii
1. Foundations 22 (download free sample chapter PDF)
2. Define the Target 39
3. Reviewing Resumes 44
4. Phone Interviews 106
5. On-site Interviews 155
6. Closing the Deal 192
7. Parting Thoughts 207
A. Valuable behaviors to look for in an interview candidate 209
Bibliography 211
About the Author 213

About the author

Sean Landis is a software architect with over twenty years of experience hiring software professionals, has hired in companies with less than ten developers and ones with thousands. He successfully retooled hiring practices at three companies, leading to significant improvements in the quality and quantity of new hires. Sean is a practicing software professional who today practices agile development and has innovatively applied agile principles to hiring.

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